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The Carp-Coaching pro tuition's are all carefully designed to meet the clients exact needs and are delivered in a safe, fun and professional manner.

Tuition's run for either a 12hour, 24hour or 48hour period depending on what you are looking for from your session.Almost anything can be covered on a tuition and some examples are listed below:

  • Rig Tying - Anything from a simple knotless knot through to more advanced rigs such as hinged stiff links, line aligners etc.
  • Marker/Spod use - Learn how to accurately read the lake bed with a marker float then use a spod to accurately bait up.
  • Casting Lessons - Learn or perfect the art of casting under-arm, punch cast and distance casting.
  • P.V.A Work - Learn how to get the most from p.v.a with solid bags, p.v.a sticks, mesh bags and stringers.
  • Bite Indication - Help to understand bite indication such as drop-backs etc.
  • Snag Fishing - Learn how to extract carp from snaggy waters in a SAFE way.
  • Fish Handling & Safety - Learn how to handle your catch safely and use items such as carp sacks.
  • Surface Fishing - Perfect the art of catching carp off the surface either free-lining or using a controller float.
  • Zig Rig Fishing - Learn how to fish using zig rigs either on their own or spodding slop over the top. A deadly modern tactic!
  • Watercraft - Learn how to read the water and fish by observation and taking various aspects such as weather and angling pressure in to consideration.

Tuition can either be held on a venue of your choice or we can recommend a venue to complement the skills you want to learn. We have strong ties with many different fisheries around the country and can find a venue to suit everyone's individual needs.

Venues often used:

  • FLE Fishery - Hampshire
  • Hordle Lakes - Hampshire
  • Bishops Bowl Fishery - Warwickshire
  • Drayton Reservoir - Northamptonshire
  • Thorpe Lea - Staines
  • Linear Fisheries - Oxfordshire
If you would like to book a tutorial please contact us via the 'Contact Us' page with information on what you are looking for from your experience and we will respond as quickly as we can with a carefully designed package to meet your needs.

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